About us

20+ Years of Reinforcing Greek Businesses

For more than 20 years, we have been reinforcing Greek businesses, offering personalized consulting services of financial planning and strategy. By combining our expertise and new technologies we contribute to companies’ viable growth and profit increase.

Our certified consultants specialize in a broad spectrum of fields, such as finance, evaluation and financing of investment projects, marketing, information technology and data security.

Our multi-year experience in the fields of finance and commerce allows Revival to provide top-tier services to professionals and businesses. Our methodology and 360° responsibility accelerates modernization and reinforces the companies’ ability to respond to challenges in ways that ensure the highest possible profit.

Revival remains faithful to its vision to actively contribute to Greek businesses development and always watches market trends closely, invests in its people, makes use of new technologies and analyzes data in order to offer solid business plans. Having earned the trust of the Greek market and having created a rich portfolio, Revival keeps on planning a future based on solid collaborations, in order to promote the economic development of the country.

What you gain from Revival’s personalized services:

  • Decrease of operational expenses

  • Faster response to modern day challenges

  • Easier access to resources and new technologies

  • Business efficiency increase

  • Emphasis on important activities

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