Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

REVIVAL Consulting Services SA, throughout the course of its history to this day, has demonstrated a timeless sensitivity and respect for human values coupled with the development as well as the progress of society in general, which derive from the company’s philosophy and values and its interaction with all social entities. The vulnerable social groups, entrepreneurship support, the contribution to Arts & Sciences, the environmental protection and the preservation of cultural heritage constitute an integral part of our business concept, interest and internal culture.

REVIVALSA supports important social causes by focusing its efforts on initiatives of paramount importance. It covers market and social causes, philanthropy and related activities that support the development of culture and education at a regional and national level.

Through social responsibility, the company is actively engaged in supporting social programs or initiatives that contribute to a better urban environment and community development. CSR programs are constantly expanding, aiming at alleviating the vulnerable social groups, strengthening the financially vulnerable ones, and supporting society at large with a view to its progress and prosperity.

REVIVALSA‘s main goal is to act as a lever of economic growth, in combination with building mutual trust with the public, and pinnacle of excellence the contribution to society at large. As a social entity, which is inextricably linked to the society as a whole, Corporate Social Responsibility is for all of us a way of life and constitutes an integral part of our long-term strategy.

The central axis and main guide of each one of our actions is to serve the public with reliability, consistency, dignity and full transparency, making the utmost contribution to a better and advanced human society.

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