We build…relationships of trust!

Our invaluable asset is, primarily, our human resources coupled with the new technology. Our people are the lifeblood of our business while the new technology is our main tool. Key parts of our culture are the team spirit, as well as the flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing conditions.


The Revival Campus has been created in two opposite buildings, near the Athens City Centre. Revival, being fully committed to its mentality about delivering premium quality services, aims at upgrading resources and infrastructure. All activities take place in the modern infrastructure of the two opposite buildings, which offer cutting-edge spaces. The headquarters is located in Athens, at 161, Lenorman Str., while the second building is located directly opposite the headquarters, at 194-196, Lenorman Str. This is the new investment of the company in a modern and fully functional building. The 1st floor of the building houses the Hospitality, the Marketing, and the Sales departments while the 2nd one, the IT and Data Protection departments. On the 3rd floor, there are the Accounting, Human Resources (HR) and Funding departments. Administration is on the 4th floor.

Key features of the new building:


We are always on high alert, having technology as an ally, to fully meet even the most specific needs.

Revival’s state-of-the-art computer automation systems meet even the most demanding needs! Revival’s Data Center has supported Retail Chains for more than 20 years. The Accounting Services that we offer are, mostly, supported online, while technologies such as Cloud Computing and Business Center are always a challenge for Revival, which invests on a consistent basis in the field, in order to have accurate and valid information.

Our goal is not only to keep up with the developments but also to exceed them!

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