Organizational Structure

Our flexible, simple and horizontal structure, a forerunner of success!

Revival, being fully committed to its mentality about delivering premium quality services, follows the horizontal or “flat” structure of modern business. It consists of fewer administrative layers compared to the traditional bureaucratic structure, strengthening and enhancing the flexibility of the business.

The organization chart is characterized by its low height and large width. This flexible and simple structure lets itself adapt directly to the, constantly, new market conditions. The aim of this structure is the faster, complete, and better service of the company’s Partners and clients as well as the employee participation in the decision-making process (decentralized decision-making) with the freedom of taking initiatives.

Our corporate structure with the shorter lines of communication, allows immediate decision-making and problem-solving as well as effective communication with our Partners. All the above, are guaranteed to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of the people who trust us.

Revival relies on the synergies of its human resources, and “empowers” its people to become “leaders who lead themselves”. It urges them to be self-motivated, willing to take responsibility, work with empathy and be passionate about their own progress. Also, to be people whose performance exceeds their abilities (overachievers) and have the tendency to contribute to the society as a whole.

Our people are the lifeblood of our business, which is characterized by its flat structure. They are talented people, anxious, with a deep knowledge and innovative ideas. Such people cannot exist in a hierarchical structure but only in a balanced one.

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