Alfred - 360° Service

Do you wish to know on a real-time basis, the tax you should pay in the new year?

Do you wish to be informed, in every single moment, about the liabilities payable and the receivables of your business?

Do you wish to easily calculate turnovers, financial relationships, organize your business and its accessibility with absolute security?

The solution comes from Revival, with Alfred, the ultimate 360° digital service.

Easily, quickly and economically, you may now have all your business operations online & real-time, on your mobile, tablet or laptop.


Dimitris Chortatzoglou, a Meat Distribution business owner, describes how Alfred helped him optimize the operation of his business:

George Antypas, President & CEO of Revival SA, elaborates on the benefits derived from the use of Alfred service, for every small-to-medium sized enterprise:

Request a meeting with a Revival representative to present you the full range of Alfred’s functions and explain the way that you may optimize your business operation for its sustainable development.

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Alfred - 360°