Alfred - 360° Service

Alfred: Your business, in your pocket!

Revival SA, guided by the business need for Digital Transformation, undertakes the Cloud transfer of your business, with the help of Alfred!

Alfred is a service that includes all those required actions to completely transform your business digitally.

With Alfred, Revival SA offers the ABSOLUTE 360° Service.

Easily, quickly and economically, you may now have all the operations of your business online & real-time, on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

It is all about a service that combines:

  • Cloud Hosting & Backup

The applications, websites, e-mails and other company data are stored and “run” by a physical server.

  • ERP Solutions

The computer automation system of every company is the most important tool for controlling, monitoring and coordinating the operations in its central and remote facilities. The importance of an integrated ERP system is the capability to integrate all the different parts of a business into one database: production, warehousing, sales, suppliers, customers, human resources in general, but also the Finance Department. Revival offers reliable solutions for any computer automation package you may use.

  • Payroll Solutions

Revival’s reliable and at the same time flexible payroll program, offers integrated information about the payroll details of a company’s staff. Now, all the necessary information is in your hands online!

Managing payroll and employee data is a hard and time-consuming process that is often critical to the success of a business. Knowing the present business needs, Revival offers accurate and efficient payroll solutions, user-friendly and fully integrated with the new technologies. With more than 20 years of experience, we face any payroll case with speed and reliability.

  • E-Invoicing Solutions

The digital transformation of Tax Management is a fact and the relationship with your business is a critical point. Through E-Invoicing and the myData platform, businesses fulfill their tax obligations, automate processes and are exempted from obligations they have had until now. Revival stands by your side at this focal point of digital transformation, offering solutions for accounting source documents entry (data entry), characterizing transactions and executing other key tasks.

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

With Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Revival draws valuable data and information about the state of your business. Through reports, summaries, tables, graphs, etc., it analyzes and presents, in detail, this data, offering you the possibility to have all the information you need available, anytime and from any device with absolute security. Having easy and fast access to your data, you improve the efficiency of your daily business operations and are guided to take rational decisions. As such, you may run your business with a push of a button.

  • Accounting - Financial – Tax Solutions

Using the specialized and modern tools designed by Revival’s IT department, we offer the capability of an online financial picture of your business, anytime, wherever you are, as well as forecasts for future periods that you may select. With the specialized Accounting Computer Automation Packages, you may be informed immediately about any accounting issue that may arise, obtaining immediately the information you might need in order to draw useful conclusions for the course of your business.

In short, everything you need…in one, when and for as long as you need it!

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Alfred - 360°