Atlantis Payroll

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with SoftOne, present Atlantis Payroll, a technologically advanced payroll application that comes to permanently relieve you of a hard and time-consuming process. The long-term experience of the cooperating companies in the field of computer automation, is fully reflected in this payroll application with precision and an extremely user-friendly environment.

Atlantis Payroll is a powerful tool for calculating and issuing payroll for businesses as well as for accounting and tax consulting offices of all sizes. Its special design fully meets the needs of businesses for a modern and functional payroll application. Based on modern software development techniques, it solves, in a unique way, the most complex payroll problems of any business. It brings together innovative technological features with dynamic fields, offering quality and value in the operation of the payroll system. It has been developed in a graphical environment and takes advantage of the capabilities of relational databases (RDBMS).

In addition, it may be connected directly to the ATLANTIS ERP, creating an integrated computer automation solution. It is highly flexible and easily adapts to the requirements of any business, incorporating a series of capabilities.

The functional specifications of Atlantis Payroll ensure:

  • Flexibility
  • Historicity Conservation
  • Automation
  • Security & Reliability
  • Comprehensive Information

The application is in accordance with the requirements of Greek Legislation and fully compatible with the computer automation system of the Social Security Organization (ΙΚΑ), while offering guaranteed protection of your business data, as access is allowed only with the use of passwords. The flexibility of the application allows the management of insurance funds, special allowances, collective agreements and spreadsheets using functions. In addition, the tasks associated with the calculation and issuance of payroll are performed quickly and automatically, including all those elements that affect its calculation.

The main features of Atlantis Payroll include:

  • Multiple User Interfaces and active desktop
  • Creation of different menus / user capability
  • Browsers with endless configuration capabilities
  • Complete redesign of modules, tasks and screens
  • Order of tasks based on their frequency of use
  • Automatic saving of the latest tasks / company
  • Multidimensional financial picture of employees
  • Easy-to-use forms and printouts environment
  • Execution of tasks for multiple businesses
  • Printing of forms for multiple businesses
  • Complete self-monitoring and support system
  • New version of live update for data

The solid infrastructure of the cooperating companies with organized departments of training, telephone support and consulting services, are available to the business public regarding the operation and use of the application.  

For those of you who worry about the possibility of errors in the payroll processes, Atlantis Payroll is coming to reassure you, offering all the best in payroll computer automation with confidence, order, security and peace of mind.

For more information regarding ATLANTIS PAYROLL, please contact us. In addition, you may visit the corporate website of SoftOne Technologies SA here

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