Capital B.O.S

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with UNiSOFT, present Capital B.O.S, the most flexible and powerful software ever created! It is about the software that “comes to dissolve the prejudice and stereotypes of E.R.P.s”, optimizing the overall operation of your business!

Based on UNiSOFT’s state-of-the-art Business Optimization System technology, Capital B.O.S is a diversified ERP software that helps you transform your business operations from day one!

Capital B.O.S. is a software:

  • Dynamically simple
  • Affordable Powerful
  • Effectively flexible

Incorporating a host of tools and features, Capital B.O.S offers unique benefits to any modern small-to-medium sized business, allowing you to focus on the core of your business, rather than to the management or maintenance of the software.

With an innovative UI, powerful functional modules and endless configuration capabilities, Capital B.O.S simplifies and automates all the business management tasks of the modern small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The benefits of Capital B.O.S are summarized without being limited to the following:

  • Simplicity
  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

The functional modules of Capital B.O.S include:

  • Commercial Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Production
  • Electronic Books (myDATA)
  • Management Information System (M.I.S.)

It has sound functional features which may be summarized without being limited to the following:

  • MyData fully customized (sales invoices, purchases’ source documents, VAT codes, payment methods, countries, categories of Expenses…)
  • SQL Installation base. Absence of archival problems and the need for frequent updates
  • Windows environment, with an alternative use of the keyboard similar to Capital (e.g., use of F10 key). Capability / user to select a classic or windows keyboard. In the case of a classic keyboard, the enter, esc, arrows, tab, keys are used as in Capital
  • Easy configuration on search screen – data entry screens in relation to user requirements (display of specific columns – capability of multiple search options)
  • Easy configuration on print screens in relation to user requirements
  • Single menu (New Recording, Change, View) on one screen for main files and source document entries
  • Single menu for data entry of financials (CASH). There is a single data entry point for cash receipts – remittances – Customer securities, cash payments – remittances – Supplier securities
  • Easy transformation of source documents, e.g. Delivery Note to Sales Invoice by right-clicking on the source document
  • Information received with colored icons on the source document leading to an immediate update of the current situation, e.g. if it has been printed, canceled, changed and if the General Accounting has been updated
  • Multiple and simultaneous printing of source documents with the required confirmation questions to the user, regarding printers, email, pdf, etc.
  • Web Services – mobile order-taking  
  • Eshop

The main benefits of Capital B.O.S include:

  • A diversified user interface, with dynamic windows, menus and lists, which emphasizes convenience and user-friendliness
  • The application’s design considers mouse and keyboard as equal, enabling the user to perform tasks, either with great ease or with great speed
  • Centrally defined dialog fields in indexes, printouts and tasks by the user, implemented throughout the entire program
  • User-Friendly filter design available in browsers, searches, printouts and tasks
  • Daily task functions such as copying and pasting records. Repeated data entries, indirect entries in auxiliary tables, management of source documents, etc.
  • Separate services and cost management circuit
  • Management of bank and special accounts, so that there is no need to be recorded twice, when the installation includes General Accounting
  • Sound source document system, which includes multiple printing elements per source document series and transformation scenarios that support from the partial invoicing of Delivery Notes to the monitoring of the canceled balances in orders
  • Information processing and data visualization through geographic analyses, ABC analyses, multidimensional cubes, etc.
  • Innovative design of source documents that drastically reduces the time from installation to the issuance of the first source document
  • Autonomous usage function makes it feasible to delete the older ones when they are no longer needed

Capital B.O.S. offers:

  • Unparalleled user-friendliness: utilizing the Capital B.O.S.’s innovative user interface, you may instantly access any functional module you wish… from anywhere in the application, while keeping multiple different functions and circuits open.  




  • Dynamic operation: all Capital B.O.S tools, such as indexes, filters, searches and printouts, have dynamic fields that are automatically updated every time you work. At the same time, they are available everywhere in the application environment and may be easily defined by the user, according to the needs of his tasks.

  • Reliable Information: all operations in Capital B.O.S are performed in different circuits, providing you with all the information you need to make decisions. This is accomplished through multiple, ready-made ways of processing and presentation, such as graphic representations, pivot tables, ABC analyses, geographical distributions, etc.

  • Low requirements: with Capital B.O.S, the high acquisition and support computer automation cost belongs to the past. Through a dynamic and friendly environment, you may run your tasks, but also easily customize the application to your requirements, without any special help, saving valuable time and resources.



Capital B.O.S incorporates “state-of-the-art” technology capabilities to design, analyze, organize and manage business processes, fully responding to major challenges, such as fast decision-making and efficient resource management, following all the latest trends regarding the software’s technology development.

The application is a highly functional information system that supports every modern management model, contributing significantly to the improvement of business competitiveness. With a flexible design, endless configuration and scalability capabilities, Capital B.O.S is easily customized to the specific needs of every business, ensuring, on an ongoing basis, its smooth operation.

Work efficiently wherever you are. Benefit from the ease of use and speed of Capital B.O.S’s mobile applications and increase the efficiency of your people.

Capital Android Apps are the mobile applications of Capital B.O.S for android tablets and smartphones. The applications are perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of each organization, enabling the remote access to business data, with absolute security. Through a completely user-friendly operating environment, your people have everything they need to work effectively, even out of the office.    

With the voice command capability of Capital B.O.S, you gain access in real-time and are informed about the status of Orders, Clients, Inventories and Physical Inventory via your smart device.

Capital B.O.S is the capital of the next generation!  

Select among Capital B.O.S Start, Capital B.O.S Commercial and Capital B.O.S Business and skyrocket your business.

For more information regarding UNiSOFT’s CAPITAL B.O.S, please contact us. In addition, you may visit the corporate website of UNiSOFT SA here

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