Capital ERP

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with UNiSOFT, present Capital ERP, the most successful business application on the market, more reliable than ever!

With best management practices, sound expertise and 30+ years of experience, Capital ERP offers high quality, task execution speed and practical user experience, continuing to be a reliable solution for the efficient organization and the integrated computer automation of every modern small-to-medium sized business. The software is being developed in parallel with your business and is characterized by its expertise and specialization in the field of integrated computer solutions.  

From warehouse and inventory management, ordering and purchasing by suppliers to managing order taking, sales, collections and payments, Capital ERP responds accurately and consistently to the commercial and financial requirements of the operation of any modern small-to-medium sized business.

Capital ERP has sound features, consistent performance and operation, offering:

  • Integrated Management
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Strong Interconnection
  • Reliable Information

The functional modules of the software include:

  • Commercial Management
  • Financial Management

The main features, that make it stand out, are the following:

  • Data Security
  • Modern Technologies
  • Adaptability & Functionality
  • User-Friendly

"Capital" has a uniquely powerful security system, which thoroughly controls the access to data files, functional tasks and applications. It incorporates modern and various cutting-edge technologies, offering unique solutions to the most complex problems, ensuring reliability and speed. In addition, it supports the exchange of information or data with other applications, by providing the ability to connect online to remote workstations.     

The software’s customization and functionality capabilities are unique. It is ideally customized to the specific needs of the business while its configuration capabilities, depending on the operation and form of the business, make it dynamic and flexible.

Capital ERP is considered as one of the most user-friendly programs, as it has been designed to offer high speed and simultaneous execution of tasks, while it is easy to learn and use. With a flexible architecture, self-monitoring mechanisms, connectivity, graphical user interface and interactive communication, the software enables you to work in a fast, smart and simple way.

It presents you in separate modules, or overall, the picture of your business with smart and dynamic graphs while you have the capability to export the results of the reports in many alternative formats. Business Reports turn your data into consistent and reliable information by generating Statistical Reports, Dynamic Reports, Charts, Olap Cubes and Multidimensional Reports. Graphs help significantly in understanding the data, which provides important information for fast and right decision-making about your business’s activities.

Manage all the needs of your business with the most popular business management software!

Select among Capital ERP - Start, Capital ERP - Entry and Capital ERP, according to your business needs and save time and money!

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