Classic Hotel-Chania

Classic Hotel-Chania

Address: Galatas - Nea Kydonia

SQM: 3.338 m²

Type: Hotel

Estate for sale at Galatas area, in Nea Kydonia - Chania and investment sector with subsumption in Development Law 4399/2016 with strong subsidy. This investment is about New Hotel (3***) foundation, by using these buildings.

  • This plot area is 3.338 m². and it has buildings with 600 m² area (from 1.600 m² allowed for building area).
  • These buildings consist a hotel with 14 two-room and 2 one-room apartments, plus reception and pool which has special operating signal, granted by GNTO
  • The objective value is 900.000,00 €

The new hotel, when the required actions will be done, will have:

  • 38 Rooms
  • 4 Suites
  • Rooms for disabled people
  • 113 Beds


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