Data Security

Business information security is one of the most important issues of our time. In order to remain legitimate and thus, competitive, businesses need to pay due attention to securing the integrity of their data. Technological advancements and market trends for cloud solutions, significantly, increase the risks of cyber-attacks and data breach.

As businesses and organizations use a wealth of information on a daily basis for their operation, it is imperative that the confidential information and the sensitive data of each business such as analyses, financial data, contracts and records, be protected from any form of “misuse” such as unauthorized access, modification, abuse or destruction.

Revival’s specialized team, characterized by the expertise and experience in information security, is able to help any business individually, carrying out a difficult task. It constantly monitors the technological developments, it discovers the vulnerabilities of a business and takes appropriate security measures to address potential risks. It immediately detects attempts to invade your business data at any geographical location.

The services that we offer are the following:

  • Information Security Audits
  • Design and implementation of security solutions such as firewalls, data leakage prevention systems, mail infrastructure protection, malware protection, network security, On-Line control procedures, etc.
  • Preparation for certifications with international security standards such as ISO 27001, PCI-DSS

Information security is a major issue and is concerned with the security of confidentiality, integrity and data availability. GDPR comes to add to the above, the resilience that a business’s systems must provide in order to be considered reliable. Ensuring that a business’s internal systems and operations will continue to function under the most adverse conditions, that may arise, is a key aspect, regarding its sustainability and reliability in the wider context.  

The benefits of the integrated GDPR compliance services of Revival include:

  • Evaluate your business’s degree of compliance
  • Data control pertaining to your jurisdiction
  • Monitor the vulnerabilities of your information systems
  • Assess the potential risks to which your data is subject
  • Emergency planning

Together, we protect the clients of your business, keeping your data secure. We protect the data of your business, your clients’ trust and your business reputation. In addition, we enhance your solvency and the comparative advantage regarding your consistency and reliability in Greek entrepreneurship.

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.

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