ECOS E - Invoicing

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with SoftOne, present ECOS E-Invoicing, the certified electronic invoicing by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), guaranteed by the most reliable provider. Pertaining to the new series of ECOS services, which also include EDI and E-Statement solutions, the E-Invoicing service interconnects with any software or invoicing system on the market, being the most modern and integrated invoice management solution in the cloud.

With ECOS cloud services, you may run your business more efficiently, removing any complexity from your day-to-day operations. Automate critical tasks, significantly reducing operating costs, from day one! 

“Reduce your business Invoicing costs by up to 80%”

SoftOne is the most reliable provider of electronic invoicing. It has been officially certified by the Authority for Public Revenue (AADE), obtaining a license for the electronic transmission of any kind of sales invoice: B2B, Β2C, B2G. Combining the sound expertise of SoftOne in the cloud with the most innovative technologies, the certified EINVOICING service guarantees the real-time interconnection with the software of your business and AADE, sending electronic source documents to your clients at the time of their issuance! The service is addressed to any business, for every operation and branch of activity, whether it is retail, wholesale, or for your e-shop, with no high costs and complexities! The dynamic technology of this service offers the following advantages:

  • Easy online interface with all ERPs
  • Ease of use – Access from anywhere
  • Alignment with the Greek Accounting Standards (ELP)
  • Flexible delivery – even of printed source documents
  • Data Security – EN ISO 27001:2013
  • Life-cycle validation of source documents
  • Archiving in the cloud for 5 years
  • Sending attached files along with the source documents
  • One-to-one marketing, campaigns and messages

The innovative E-Invoicing cloud service offers significant benefits at all stages of the invoicing process for your business:

  • Cost reduction by up to 80%
  • Faster collection of invoice value
  • Tax compliance with legislation
  • Financial and tax incentives
  • Better customer service
  • Transaction speed
  • Zero initial investment
  • Full depreciation of equipment
  • Maximum data security in the Cloud
  • Access to source documents at any time
  • Environmental protection

Now, electronic invoicing becomes simple with a single click, relieving a business from any printing, archiving, filing and sending of printed source documents. Operating on the Microsoft Azure platform, it enables you to issue and distribute electronic invoices and retail receipts directly from the software or invoicing system you use, by automatically archiving them in the Cloud.

The ECOS E-INVOICING service fully ensures the compliance of the business with the Greek Accounting Standards (ELP). It has sound functional features, which may be summarized without being limited to the following:

  • Interconnection with any ERP
  • Digital signage
  • myDATA update
  • Notifications
  • Archiving
  • Online delivery

With ISO / IEC 20000:1-2011 and EN ISO 27001:2013 certifications for service management and information security respectively, the innovative ECOS solution, guarantees maximum security and reliability in the management of your data.

The E-Invoicing cloud service easily interconnects with any system of invoicing or software on the market, making it the ideal source document management solution.

Digital Transformation is becoming a common practice! Upgrade your business operations today and enter the era of real electronic invoicing with the certified E-INVOICING service!

For more information regarding SoftOne’s ECOS E-INVOICING, please contact us. In addition, you may visit the corporate website of SoftOne Technologies SA here

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