The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deals with the processing of personal data concerning individuals in the European Union (EU), creating a single, uniform and coherent framework for their protection. The compliance with the requirements of the GDPR proves the high level of a company’s social responsibility, while at the same time, the implementation of the regulation becomes imperative to address the financial risks, resulting from the high fines provided by the Regulation.

Revival, in the context of the holistic business approach and alignment with the GDPR, undertakes both the development of an integrated compliance project and the Data Protection Officer (DPO) service. With integrated training and rich experience in the fields of personal data protection and information security, it has undertaken a significant number of projects intended for companies operating in different market sectors such as tourism, food, retail, industry and modern technologies.

Revival offers integrated consulting services concerning the alignment, implementation, training and support for the protection of personal data, to businesses of any legal form.

Meeting the needs of every business effectively and on time, Revival stands by its Partners, until they feel ready against the Individuals and the Personal Data Protection Authority.

GDPR compliance projects include:

  • Recording of Procedures & Mapping of Business Data
  • Analysis & Study Assessment (Recording of Gaps and Deviations from the requirements of the Regulation)
  • Compliance Plan Formulation
  • Proposals for Technical and Organizational Measures
  • Development & Implementation of Policies, Procedures and Standards
  • Review of Customer, Supplier and Personnel Contracts
  • Creating Consent Forms
  • Writing Briefing Notes
  • Company Staff Training
  • Compliance Audit

Data Protection Officer – DPO as a Service:

  • Contact point with the Personal Data Protection Authority and Individuals
  • Support in dealing with Security Incidents and informing the Authority (and Individuals), if required
  • Assisting in satisfying the Requests of Natural Persons, regarding the exercise of their Rights
  • Development & Control of Implementation, regarding Policies and Procedures for the protection of personal data
  • Development & Regular Review of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), regarding the processing of “high risk” activities
  • Ongoing support & Consulting in Personal Data Protection

GDPR compliance is an ongoing process, which must be reviewed and repeated at regular intervals in order to eliminate the possibility of deviating from any article of the Regulation.

The benefits of Revival’s integrated compliance services with GDPR include:

  • Automated and easier business processes
  • Increased Confidence & Reliability
  • Better & thorough understanding of the collected data
  • Improved data management
  • Protected & Enhanced company reputation

Revival’s team consists of specialized and certified advisors (ISO) in the field of personal data and the Regulation, having a highly successful track record of a variety of relevant compliance projects in public and private sector organizations. Regardless of the business size or activity, the compliance process is flexible, simple and straightforward, which offers a comparative advantage over competition.

Outsourcing GDPR compliance management to our company, ensures your business’s minimized exposure to risks, the security of personal data throughout its lifecycle and the guarantee that compliance will constitute best practice, confidently promoting your products and services in the Greek and international market.

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.

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