Human Resource Services

The employee factor as a barometer for business development.

The conditions that are formed daily in the business world are full of challenges, opportunities and risks. In the effort made by the enterprises to respond to this competitive environment and become more effective and efficient, the role of human resource becomes paramount.

Nowadays, Human Resources (HR) makes up a company’s biggest investment. HR is required to provide, beside the necessary work, its talent, creativity and demonstrate professional skills and attitudes that contribute significantly to the achievement of the strategic goals of the business. The new conditions require HR to portray not only the knowledge and expertise but also a mixture of personal charisma or special skills that will, inextricably, be linked to the ideas, the vision and the values of the company. 

At Revival, we feel that the focus on total quality of human resources is one of the key factors for the development and success of the modern “resilient” business. HR is one of the most important operations of a business, as the employees are the ones that make the difference, shaping its competitive advantage. Regardless of the size or the nature of a business, the HR best practices is the driving force for its sustainable growth.

At Revival, we offer specialized services that help you, effectively, manage your HR. We identify your needs along with the ways your business operates and make fast changes that are deemed necessary for your company’s growth.

By making proposals regarding effective ways of managing, training, and organizing your staff, we empower your people, helping them to become more efficient, and committed to your business vision and values while reducing operating costs. Creating an ideal work environment, where employees may evolve and exceed their performance standards, leads businesses to prosper and grow.

The two pillars of Revival’s integrated human resource services include:

  • Identifying, Evaluating & Selecting Staff
  • Performance Assessment, Training & Staff Development

We attribute due importance to the human factor as well as to the business value. We constantly develop our evaluation systems and fully utilize talent and knowledge. We focus on a mixture of knowledge, skills and competencies to achieve high performance. We examine the personality traits using a specific methodology that includes psychometric tests and analyze whether they “fit” the culture and philosophy of the business.

The benefits of the integrated human resource services of Revival include:

  • Service quality
  • Failure avoidance costs
  • Time avoidance costs resulting from CV volume management
  • Speed & Efficiency

Our mission is to offer the most suitable human resource, so that you always stay competitive and innovative. We make sure the people we propose demonstrate specific characteristics including knowledge, expertise, experience, empathy and resilience. In the context of resilience, we consider the ability of the candidates to respond to stressful situations and adversities and adapt quickly to the newly formed environment while achieving excellent performance at the same time.

The combination of business action and reaction is the key to success!    

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.

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