We respond to the challenges and opportunities in the Construction industry by offering Turnkey solutions with a holistic 360° approach!

The construction industry constitutes an important pillar for the development and secure support of our economy, while it remains interconnected with the Tourism industry and its demand fluctuations.

The Greek construction industry is going through a long period of recession, because of the economic crisis and the significant decline in infrastructure investments. Gradually, however, a promising recovery is beginning to take place in various sectors, such as home construction, and the transport and energy networks.

At Revival, we have a specialized and experienced team, both in terms of infrastructure and financial, tax and commercial issues, that contribute significantly to all the stages of a project’s lifespan, from initial planning, business plan development, financing, and its actual execution, until its completion and the guarantee of its successful operation.

The new NSRF for the period 2021-2027, along with private projects, will breathe new life into the industry, which in turn will strengthen the Greek economy and the efforts made by our country to get out of recession.

Revival has a long-term experience in the industry. In the framework of the Development Law and the NSRF actions, we have successfully implemented a variety of projects and will continue to strongly act for the revival of companies, their sustainable development and economic recovery.

We address businesses and investment funds that want to turn the challenge into an opportunity. We offer Turnkey solutions with a holistic 360° approach!

By designing quality and reliable solutions for each individual client – owners, contractors, lenders, and investors – we manage large-scale and demanding projects in the public and private sectors with deep market knowledge, responsibility, speed, and efficiency.

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