Public Sector

Our services ensure the modernization and the smooth transition of the Public Sector towards Digital Transformation!

The public sector in Greece finds itself in a period of reformation, restructuring and uncertainty. Both, citizens and public bodies aspire to a modern, efficient, functional and technologically advanced state.

Revival has more than 20 years’ experience in offering consulting services. Presenting a variety of public sector bodies in its clientele, it contributes to solving the most complex problems. At the same time, it offers innovative and sustainable solutions in key areas including education, healthcare, defense and local government.

Given the complex issues that the public sector faces, we empower the public bodies to become more efficient and meet the demands of the digital age, in order to optimize the handling of their internal processes and add value to the services offered.

Our certified advisors undertake a series of actions aimed at identifying the specific needs of each body, offering consulting services, integrated computer automation solutions and support on a continuing basis. Our services are addressed to public bodies, including the Central Administration, the Independent Authorities, the Local Self-Government Bodies, the Legal Entities of Public and Private Law as well as the Social Partners and Bodies.

Improving efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services is a challenge for public bodies. We fully understand their need to be upgraded and modernized and, thus, we support them with reliable solutions that lead them to take right, modern and cost- effective decisions.

The utilization of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) along with the consulting services that we offer, ensure the organizational change that is deemed necessary for the digital transformation of the public sector.

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