Real Estate

Real Estate is a pillar of sustainable development and its proper management is the basis for its optimal and long-term exploitation!

The Commercial Real Estate industry finds itself in a period of reformation. Although the actual investments do not bring the high returns of the past, the companies that specialize in property management, mainly in the field of hospitality and business premises, seem to start reviving the industry.

Revival has significant expertise and many years of experience in business and real estate valuations, offering reliable services to financial institutions, institutional investors, and individuals. Specializing in finding efficient Real Estate uses, we advise businesses on how to release significant capital and fully utilize it in order to reap the greatest benefits.

Our company offers integrated solutions in the areas of purchase-sale, rent, valuation and property update, effectively combining the accounting-tax monitoring of its clients’ property. We design and develop strategic plans for the utilization of your property, we prepare sustainability studies, we follow a specific methodology of research and analysis of the real estate market, we proceed to the required property assessment using internationally recognized methods, and we use the best financial tools for property development.

Our valuations meet all the specifications of the International Valuations Standards – IVS. Taking into account all the factors that affect investment, development and property management, we propose solutions with reduced risk and growth prospects.

Revival has successfully completed complex projects and has an extensive history record in the real estate consulting services field, concerning public and private sector entities across the Greek territory.

Our people are the secret to our success. We combine knowledge and skills, ensuring confidence and trust to our clients.

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