Supply Chain

Strategic building and proper management of the Supply Chain and Logistics are the key to success for any business!

The Supply Chain deals with the transfer of products and services from production to the point of sale, aiming to reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. The 4th industrial revolution begins with the digitization of the industrial and commercial enterprises’ supply network and is dynamically expanding to other sectors.

The digital supply chain offers significant benefits to businesses, including fast responsiveness, better inventory management and multi-channel deliveries, while in the public sector, tax evasion and smuggling are drastically reduced, increasing tax revenues.

The field of Logistics and Supply Chain is complex and demanding. Businesses need to adapt to the changing market conditions and become more flexible and innovative in their effort to sustain their competitive edge and respond to the new digital age.

Revival has extensive experience in the field of Logistics and with a rich clientele, it plans strategically, leading to process optimization, network expansion, reduction of operating costs and better customer service. At the same time, it helps businesses become more efficient and effective, and improve their cash flow.

We offer tailor-made consulting services and create a flexible digital ecosystem that connects the entire supply chain, from production, transport, and storage of goods to the point of sale.

With state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we design realistic strategies for tomorrow’s demands. We offer IT and software development services, helping businesses invest in the right operating models and automate their business processes.

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