Tourism is an export champion and concerns multiple parts of the social and productive fabric of our country

The map of the Greek tourism industry has changed drastically in recent years. Entrepreneurs and businesses realise that the combination of sun and sea is no longer the most important factor in attracting tourists, and turn to developing products and services, delivered with a holistic approach, focusing on quality. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the industry with new requirements, radically different from those in force today. Thus, the restructuring of businesses, pertaining to the Hospitality Industry, under the current conditions is a challenge.

Tourism is, perhaps, the fastest-changing sector, globally, with great opportunities for development, but also, with a series of demands. The construction and refurbishment of tourist accommodation has evolved into a dynamic environment characterized by technological innovations, which a few years ago, seemed like a distant scenario. Tourism accommodation owners need to adapt to these changes faster than ever before, to differentiate their offerings from competition and to offer a unique experience to their customers.

In addition to restructuring, for tourism businesses to meet the new preferences of the market, new types of accommodation will have to be developed such as inns, hostels, and Bed & Breakfast (small accommodation that offer food and/or breakfast). It is worth mentioning that mountain resorts play an important role in the tourism industry. If we add to the above the new market trends, concerning the rapid development of wineries, the shift to agrotourism, as well as the luxury campsites, which constitute a global trend, it becomes evident that the tourism businesses share the restructuring and renovations common ground.

Fully realizing the needs of the owners and the market trends, we have developed at Revival new, innovative, and tailor-made services, which detect, prioritise, and solve all the critical problems that a tourism business has to face today, but also will be called upon to face in the near future.

Whatever the stage your business is at, from the earliest of planning, until the last one, concerning its full operation, Revival’s experienced advisors are able to provide you with integrated solutions and suggestions that solve any issue, responsibly and reliably.

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