Message from the President

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We welcome you to the dynamic corporate website of REVIVAL Consulting Services SA, the company that has managed for more than 20 years to plot a great and unique course in the Greek territory, strengthening entrepreneurship at all levels.

We hope that the website of our company will contribute in the best possible and most efficient way, in the diffusion of unbiased information towards the business and consumer buying public as well as to the society in general where our company operates and acts.

As President & CEO, along with the Management Board and staff of REVIVALSA, we guarantee the full provision of integral professional advice, ensuring the sustainable development of your business.

The company has been built and operates according to international standards of consulting services, having as a solid basis the principles of ethics, reliability, consistency, dignity, integrity, absolute transparency and duty to society.

The guarantee of our success is the perfect combination of technology and new applications along with the building of interpersonal relationships and the constant trust between our Partners and us. Our philosophy is that the recipients of our products and services are our Partners and not clients. Our assets are, above all, our people and the new technology, both of which add value and meet even the most specific needs. We invest in the relationships with our people, who constitute our company’s most valuable asset, always staying by their side while the new technology is our main tool. The essential difference is that all the advisors of REVIVALSA are certified by the Consulting Certification Body and specialize in a wide range of areas in which the company operates. The key parts that our culture is made of are team spirit, as well as flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing conditions.   

REVIVALSA, fully predicting and pinpointing the real needs of the businesses, has developed new innovative services that have been classified into five distinct Strategic Business Units (SBUs): Advisory, Development / Funding Programs, Hospitality Exclusive Services, Information Technology and Data Protection. The goal of REVIVALSA is to detect, prioritize, and finally, solve the problems that the company faces or will be called upon to face in the near future, which are critical for its sustainability.

The competitive advantage of REVIVALSA that the business community experiences is Responsibility 360°. It is about the company’s responsibility to accelerate modernization and strengthen the ability of businesses to respond effectively to the challenges of the new era, reaping the greatest benefits. The comparative advantage has to do with the speed of response, the accuracy and quantification of data, significantly assisting in immediate decision-making as well as with the control of the result. Responsibility 360° assumes the full responsibility for the situation in hand coupled with the guaranteed success that will come, which will be measurable. The holistic approach of our services allows the transformation of crisis into an opportunity.   

With our significant contribution, we have supported over 2.500 companies, of which 800 are hotel units.

Our confidence is based on brand awareness of REVIVALSA in Greece, a trademark of reliability and professionalism.

Fully recognizing the needs of the market that tend to change rapidly in a constantly changing and evolving environment, our support to the Businessman becomes imperative and constitutes our main priority. Having gained the trust of the Greek market and expanded our loyal and rich portfolio, we continue to plan for the future based on synergies and having as an ultimate goal the development of the Greek economy.   

We stand out for our courtesy, expertise and know-how, promptness of response, moral principles and values that govern us because, above all, we are humans addressing the human being. In this context, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becomes of paramount importance, covering a wide range of causes, including those of the market and the society, philanthropy and related activities that support the development of culture and education at a regional and national level. Through CSR, the company is actively involved in supporting social programs or initiatives that contribute to a better urban environment as well as to the development and progress of society in general.

We hope that the above facts will be the proper stimuli to trigger your interest in the exploration of our website and we are sure you will find the grounds to select REVIVALSA for the transition of your business to the new era, that of digital transformation.

We wish you a pleasant browsing experience in exploring our website, hoping for your familiarization regarding the ways through which we interact with all social groups. Breathe the wind of change and confidence exuded by your interaction with the team of REVIVALSA. At REVIVALSA, we do not keep up with the developments, but we lead them!



George Antypas

President & CEO

Alfred - 360°