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We have been empowering Greek businesses for more than two decades!

REVIVAL Consulting Services SA empowers Greek businesses, offering for more than two decades, specialized financial planning and strategy consulting services with consistency, efficiency and professionalism, achieving a significant growth. By combining the deep knowledge of the industries, in which we operate, along with the use of new technologies, we contribute to the sustainable development of businesses and increase their profitability.

Our certified advisors specialize in a wide range of areas including, finance, investment evaluation and funding, marketing, information technology as well as data protection.

By fully utilizing the many years of experience in the fields of Economy and Trade, we offer high quality services to businesses. Revival’s 360° holistic approach leads to synergies, accelerates modernization and enhances the ability of businesses to respond effectively to the challenges of the modern era, reaping the greatest benefits.

Revival, remaining loyal to its vision about contributing actively to the development of the Greek businesses, constantly monitors market developments and trends, invests in the human factor, makes the most of the endless capabilities of technology, analyzes and interprets data, proposing new business operating models. Having gained the trust of the Greek market and acquired a loyal and rich portfolio, it continues to plan for the future based on the sustainable development of businesses, having as an ultimate goal to foster the Greek economy.

The benefits of Revival’s specialized services are summarized without being limited to the following:

  • Reduction of operating costs and capital expenditures
  • Focus upon the important activities of the business
  • Immediate response to the challenges of the modern era
  • Easy access to resources, technology and skills
  • Business performance increase

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