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Revival Consulting Services S.A., empowers Greek businesses, offering custom financial planning and strategy consulting services for more than 20 years. Combining the in-depth knowledge of the industry along with the use of new technologies, it contributes to the sustainable development of businesses and the increase of their profitability.

Constantly monitoring the developments in the rapidly changing tourism industry and investing in the expertise of our executives as well as of our partners, we proceed to the implementation of a new model. By fully utilizing the potential of technology and interpreting the new data, Revival has already laid the foundations regarding the first certifications of Greek hotels.

Revival takes care of the procedures for the implementation of rules regarding hygiene, prolepsis, vigilance and epidemiological surveillance, to prevent the possible transmission of an infectious disease such as COVID-19, or to limit its transmission, regarding the visitors of the hospitality unit.

The new requirements that are being formed internationally due to COVID-19 in the Tourism Industry are radically different from the existing ones today, and the restructuring of the operations of a hotel accommodation unit under the current conditions is a challenge. Revival responds effectively to this challenge, offering the new standard B&W CERT of Swiss Approval for organizing and managing hosting services. The relevant certification can be distinguished between two (2) main categories:

  • Communicable diseases and epidemiological surveillance (White Office)
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and First-Aid (Blue Office)

B&W standard certification defines and takes precautionary measures to :

  • Reducing or minimizing the possibility of transmission and spread of a communicable disease
  • The management of possible incidents in an organized, direct and protected manner, based on the proposed published guidelines and instructions of the competent national (e.g. Ministries of Health), and International Authorities (e.g. WHO) and the jointly responsible Bodies
  • The management of health incidents by providing medical care in an organized and safe manner.
  • Emphasizing its commitment to providing products and services that are protected from exposure to COVID-19 threats
  • Strengthening its strategy for developing a series of actions to raise awareness of its employees, business partners, clients and visitors, about the available methods and resources for the preservation of a protected environment.
  • Its active contribution to increasing consumer, visitor and stakeholders’ trust

This certification confirms that the hotel unit has taken all the necessary preventive actions to minimize the possibility of a communicable disease spread, such as COVID-19, and to manage health incidents, protecting and securing the staff and visitors.

The assimilation possibility of each new protocol, according to the State’s instructions, directions, and its immediate implementation, is the main advantage of this standard, offering a remarkable solution to the hotel owners and their relevant concern about the safe reopening of their business and the satisfaction of their long-term needs. The new Greek certification seal “Health First” (Government Gazzette 2084/30/5/2020), which will be issued by the Hotel Chamber of Greece, has already been incorporated in the B&W international standard.

Staff training, the speed of actions, as well as the compliance with the processes that are constantly changing in combination with the technological support, will form the main pillars in order to ensure security, which will be the decisive factor for the client and the basic concern for the hotel owners in the “New Era”. The rules in the field of tourism are set from the beginning and the adaptation must be immediate, so that the gains of 2019 can be recovered, and the tourist units are able to operate smoothly.

Our company, which is characterized by a high sense of responsibility towards society, proves in practice that the safety and health of the visitors regarding tourist accommodation is our top priority.

Revival continues to innovate and stand by the Greek tourism businesses. Because prolepsis is … the greatest security.


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  • Reduce operating costs and capital expenditures
  • You focus on the activities that are important to your business
  • Respond faster to the challenges of the modern age
  • You get easier access to resources, technology and skills
  • Increase your business performance

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