Revival CRM

Revival Consulting Services S.A, having already 20 years of experience in the wider field of business services, has developed its own CRM web platform, with the aim of facilitating the continuous communication between the business’s executives and its clients.

The purpose of the application is to operate OnLine with the E.R.P. of your business and maximize the response time to your clients’ requests.


  • Enter / Change / Delete Actions
  • Create reminders
  • View Actions in calendar format
  • Drag & drop menu
  • Rescheduling
    Redefining pending actions at a present execution date
  • Create invoicing orders
    Capability to create orders for invoicing (Sales) to customers whose actions performed by users are chargeable, using pricing policies per customer and service
  • Printing Invoicing orders
    Capability to send the invoicing order directly to the customer for the relevant approval and signature
  • Bulk creation of actions on a schedule base (daily, weekly, monthly)
    Βulk creation of actions on a schedule base in one or in a set of users, defining their intermittence
  • Bulk import of actions from Excel
    Easy import of bulk actions from an Excel file properly completed
  • Reservation management / meeting rooms
    Capability to manage meeting rooms of a business with availability planning and display in calendar format
  • Managing Employee Leave
    Managing employee leave with the capability of approvals by the heads of the departments, informing electronically the company’s HR
  • Managing Employee Attendance
    Displays all company employees and the attendance of the present day. Attendance is marked by a specific color. Capacity to send a report to the respective heads of the departments
  • Treasury Management
    View all the cash flow data of the business, distinguishing among cheques (receivables / payables), cash payments and receipts, payments / receipts remittance, and counting cash in monetary units. View other financial data of accounts
  • Customer Care
    Capability to view the financial data of customers and pending offers. This feature may be offered to business customers as a marketing tool. The connection of the customer to the specific portal takes place with a username and password through a secure connection and includes all the necessary tasks, account creation, password reset, etc.
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