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We turn data into strategic decisions.

In a world where technology gallops on a daily basis, it becomes necessary for businesses to keep up with this current, as their success, but often their very survival, largely depends on speed and correctness of the decisions they make. Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) comes to the fore to change the data that businesses have been operating on until today.

Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) is defined as the use of methods that process and analyze business data, with the aim of converting them into useful information, for drawing conclusions and supporting the business decision-making process. The systems that support Business Intelligence are synonymous with the term “Decision Support Systems”.

Revival operates dynamically in the Greek market, offering a wide range of BI solutions, aimed at businesses of various sizes and varied activities. The solutions it proposes are based on proven products in the international market and are customized to the nature of the company’s activities, taking into account its internal processes and culture.

Revival, with its expertise in new technologies, is able to analyze information and use it properly, leading to the most appropriate strategic decisions, immediately. With strong subject matter knowledge, we examine data, understand trends and make informed decisions, improving business processes.

Using business intelligence (BI) tools, Revival derives valuable data and insights about with the state of your business, analyzes and presents them, in detail, through reports, summaries, tables, graphs, charts and maps. In this way, you can have all the information you need for your business available, at any time and from any device, with absolute security.

With easy and fast access to data, as a powerful development tool , improve the efficiency of your daily operations, drive more rational decisions and dominate your industry. With the power of technology, you unlock valuable data that remained hidden in various systems, while with the power of human capital, you transform data into actions.

The use of Revival’s Business Intelligence systems adds value to the business you, offering you the following advantages:

  • Transformation of data into useful information for timely strategic decision-making
  • Continuous and thorough control of the company’s operations in real-time
  • Identification of operations that need improvement
  • Overview of the performance of business departments and operations, based on real data and not instinctive human actions
  • Assess risks
  • Identify trends and opportunities
  • Measure and increase productivity
  • Evaluation of portfolio efficiency of existing products and services
  • Efficiency prediction of new products and services
  • Benchmarking

In the IT industry & Technology, there are plenty of Business Intelligence tools. Revival, using the most powerful and technologically advanced tools, introduces you to the Qlik platform, to make the most of information. The specific platform consists of two dynamic groups of solutions which are as follows:

  • QlikView
  • QlikSense

The main feature of both solutions is the immediate conversion of information into valuable knowledge. The application is structured in such a way as to allow the user to ask questions and through the processing of the huge amount of data, which has been drawn from multiple sources, receive useful answers at high speed.

The benefits of Revival’s Business Intelligence systems include:

  • Quality and timely information
  • Significant increase in profitability
  • Optimization of all business operations
  • Creating capabilities to deliver innovative solutions
  • Create and sustain competitive advantages, with smarter and faster decision-making
  • Direct access to strategic information
  • Comprehensive knowledge of operation of the company’s resources and their more efficient use
  • Integrated data governance
  • Direct (real-time) display in list formats (Reporting) and statistics (graphs) of business operations
  • Access data with security and in real time from any “smart” device (laptop, tablet, smartphone)

Business Intelligence is considered the crown of IT systems. It allows users to generate new information, based on the data provided by the system, solving important problems directly and without the dependence of external statistical services and analysts.

Revival’s Business Intelligence system has the following features:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Complete

Following a full diagnostic audit of your company’s internal processes and operations, we help you implement a Business Intelligence system that instantly gathers data and transforms it into actionable, ready-to-use information for better and faster strategies decisions.

Revival, with the deep expertise and consulting background of its executives, helps you implement a Business Intelligence system, leverage new insights to improve your results and discover new horizons in the way you operate of your business.

Today, information is power and whoever owns it and utilizes it properly automatically gains a competitive advantage. Our goal is the immediate transformation of your company data into strategic business decisions.

Your most valuable asset after the people in your business is your data! Meet BI challenges and take your business off the ground!

We empower private and public sector entities with cutting-edge consulting services.

Why us?

Driven by our technology and people, we work to provide you with fast and reliable solutions based on a holistic and personalized approach.

With Revival’s specialized services:

  1. Reduce operating costs and capital expenditures
  2. Focus on the activities that are important to your business
  3. Respond faster to the challenges of the modern age
  4. Get easier access to resources, technology and skills
  5. Increase your business performance
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What benefits you get with Revival's specialised services

  • Reduce operating costs and capital expenditures
  • You focus on the activities that are important to your business
  • Respond faster to the challenges of the modern age
  • You get easier access to resources, technology and skills
  • Increase your business performance

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