Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition ERP

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with SoftOne, present the Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition ERP, which is the new generation of Soft1 business software addressed to every modern “open enterprise”, regardless of size or industry sector. The new edition further expands the capabilities of Soft1 software in the cloud and the use of mobility, allowing the formulation of business solutions that create substantial competitive advantages for the business.

Soft1 Open Enterprise includes special technologies, but also new web & mobile applications that allow secure and reliable access to business data from anywhere.

The capabilities offered by the new edition are immediately usable in Soft1 computer installations, regardless of their operating model. Whether it is an on-premise or a cloud-based installation, the functions included in Soft1 Open Enterprise may be activated through an easy configuration and without the technical complexities of the approaches followed by other computer automation solutions.

The new edition Soft1 Open Enterprise utilizes specific innovative technologies, integrated into the Soft1 Open Enterprise Engine. These technologies enable the safe and reliable operation of Soft1 web & mobile applications, in an innovative implementation that creates significant benefits for the business. Soft1 Open Enterprise Engine includes:

  • Soft1 Mobility Platform
  • Soft1 Web Services
  • Soft1 Cloud Mobilizer

The needs of modern businesses regarding the implementation of the most efficient business processes, increasingly require the use of “enterprise mobility” solutions that will meet all the demands beyond office work. The web & mobile applications included in the new Soft1 Open Enterprise edition, support this need in the best way. The new web applications run using any browser and offer external users the ability to access the company’s central Soft1 computer automation system through a secure, reliable, and fully controlled environment.   

Soft1 web applications include:

  • Soft1 Web360
  • Soft1 Web Report
  • Soft1 B2B
  • Soft1 myCustomer

Soft1 mobile applications include:

  • Soft1 mobile CRM
  • Soft1 QuickView
  • Soft1 MyPortal

The excellent functionality of the new generation Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition software creates competitive advantages and effectively supports any business operating model, providing the ability to have a modern computer automation system with substantial benefits and advantages for today’s “open enterprise”.

The most important benefits for the business include:

  • Significant reduction of operating costs
  • Automation and simplification of procedures
  • Full interconnection with other systems and applications
  • Easily adaptive functionality to new market challenges


significantly enhancing:

  • The productivity of its executives
  • The efficiency of its operations
  • The quality of its services
  • The degree of satisfaction of its clients


Soft1 Open Enterprise edition is the new software generation that further expands the capabilities for Cloud operation and the utilization of Enterprise Mobility solutions. Equipped with innovative technologies as well with as new web & mobile applications, Soft1 Open Enterprise edition redefines the standards regarding the operating model of modern businesses, already counting more than 2,000 installations. It relieves you of the stress and responsibility for the operation of your facility, while significantly reducing your operating costs. It allows you to operate, from day one, your computer automation system as a service (Software as a Service), simply by paying a subscription.

The excellent functionality and the increased “Enterprise Mobility” capabilities of Soft1 Open Enterprise edition, enable you to obtain a state-of-the-art computer automation system that effectively supports every need of your business! It is all about an integrated solution with the best Cloud infrastructure, as it operates in Microsoft’s modern data centers and makes the best use of the technological advantages of the Cloud Windows Azure platform. With a single Internet access and no need for additional infrastructure, you may now use the software when you need it, without time or geographical restrictions, easily, reliably and with absolute security!

The security and high availability of your business data is a top priority for us. ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011 and EN ISO 27001:2013 certifications, which refer to the Information Services Management System and the Information Security Management System, respectively, confirm in the most emphatic way, the increased security level of the data managed.

The Soft1 Open Enterprise edition includes four business combinations that best meet the real needs of any modern business. Select the combination that meets your own needs among Open Enterprise Prime Plus, Open Enterprise Value Plus, Open Enterprise Global Plus and Open Enterprise Books and discover the value of Cloud computer automation from day one.

For more information regarding Soft1 Open Enterprise edition, please contact us. In addition, you may visit the corporate website of SoftOne Technologies SA here

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