Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition Payroll

REVIVALSA, in collaboration with SoftOne, present the Soft1 Open Enterprise Edition Payroll, which is the ally and inspiration of payroll action! It is more than a payroll software, as it integrates all the modern developments regarding the payroll of employees, fully covering any case.

Soft1 Payroll satisfies in the best way and on an ongoing basis, all the provisions of laws and tax obligations regarding the payroll of the business, no matter how complex they may be. The ease of use, the accuracy of the calculations and the great configuration capabilities make the software an important tool for the operation of any modern business. Soft1 Payroll includes a complete archive of employees, with limitless capabilities to register payroll and personal information data while tracking all work relations. In addition, in collaboration with the Soft1 Business Processes module, it supports the handling of Human Resources Management functions. It has limitless configuration capabilities to meet even the most specific needs.

The key features of Soft1 Payroll include:

  • Α Complete Employee Archive with limitless capabilities to register payroll and personal information data and documents / employee
  • Monitoring the History of all employee payroll information data
  • Social Security Management
  • Capability to start operating at any time, transferring data from another software during its use
  • Interconnection capability with Soft1 Business Processes module to support HR functions   

The main benefits of Soft1 Payroll are summarized without being limited to the following:

  • Access from Anywhere
  • Integrated Management, Continuous Update
  • Ease of Use, Accuracy, Flexibility
  • Real-Time Information
  • Better and Faster Decisions

The functional modules of Soft1 Payroll include:

  • Employee Management
  • Social Security Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Special Features
  • Printouts
  • Accounting Information
  • Labor Relations
  • Collective Agreements

The main functions of Soft1 Payroll include:

  • Immediate update of the Financial Management subsystem (General and Analytical Accounting)
  • Capability to analyze data in cost centers not based on books, through the Activity-Based-Costing (ABC) functional module
  • Automated process of updating the website S.EP.E (Labor Inspectorate Body) and uploading the required files
  • Capability to monitor employee cost centers and allocation of payroll to them
  • Capability to automatically update period changes from a clock or work calendar
  • Easy monitoring of employee shifts
  • Work diary printing (shift log)
  • Capability to monitor payroll costs from commercial management
  • Capability to transfer payroll results with a detailed analysis to cost centers, in commercial document management
  • Capability to calculate payroll accounting projections
  • Creation of a Bank file for immediate deposit / employee
  • Pre-installed configuration of contracts, insurance funds and a mechanism for automatic notification regarding changes in labor and insurance legislation
  • Endless custom configuration capabilities to satisfy even the most distinctive calculations
  • Capability to track unlimited information or payroll data / employee with a history record
  • Capability of mass data entry of period changes regarding a large number of employees
  • Automatic and mass sending of payment receipt slip to employees’ emails

Get all the functionality you need with an automated, easy-to-manage payroll system. Benefit from the automatic updating processes regarding the legislative changes that the software incorporates and stay constantly informed about all the developments concerning the payroll of your staff.

Designed with the required flexibility, Soft1 Payroll supports any operating model, on-premise or cloud, allowing you to meet your payroll management needs, in the most efficient way. By utilizing the powerful Reporting tools of the software, you may see in real-time, the progress of your payroll obligations. The full functionality of the software allows you to cover in the best way and on an ongoing basis, all the obligations related to the payroll of your business’s staff. Now, payroll management is easier than ever before, without the need to worry about the complexity and the frequency of changes to the current tax and legal provisions.  

For more information regarding Soft1 Payroll, please contact us. In addition, you may visit the corporate website of SoftOne Technologies SA here

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